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Keeth Woodworking is a one-man operation

established by Sean A. Keeth after years of gaining

experience in the field of design and fabrication. Keeth Woodworking operates under Forsyth Metal Works in Savannah, GA. Works can be found in California, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Original designs by Sean Keeth as well as pieces created for Forsyth Metal Works are featured in private residences and public establishments, many of which are featured in print and online publications. Keeth Woodworking is dedicated to

crafting high quality custom furniture and many other unique creations designed by the mind of Sean Keeth.


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Find Keeth Woodworking installations at:

Franklins - Savannah, GA

The Public- Savannah, GA

Coco and Moss- Savannah, GA

Flock to the Wok- Savannah, GA

Peacock Lounge- Savannah, GA

Savannah Hotel- Savannah, GA

Toasted Barrel- Savannah, GA

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